Is Anywhere Anytime Learning a Bane or Boon for an Employee?

Is Anywhere Anytime Learning a Bane or Boon for an Employee?

A study by Brown, K.G (2005) titled, A Field Study of Employee e-Learning Activity and Outcomes, conducted to address the question of e-learning use and barriers to found that despite asynchronous e-learning having a lot of appeal, many employees didn’t adopt it for various reasons.

It examined employee motivation and the degree to which their jobs allow learning. By examining these two aspects, it was found that the two main barriers to adoption of e-learning were:

  • Employees not having enough time to invest in e-learning, given their everyday work demands.
  • Employees not having sufficient motivation to work, thereby leading to a tendency to procrastinate.

Thus, employees may have difficulty finding time to learn amid the requirements of day-to-day work.

In a recent study at CommLab a 100-student sample size was used to conduct an evaluation on elearning effectiveness. These people were asked to take e-learning prior to classroom training. The results showed several contradictions.

This finding supports the view that even though employees feel that eLearning has so many benefits, they still resist taking it up. If the organizations would like to benefit from elearning, they should support employees by allotting training time in their weekly schedules. They should also not expect employees to take elearning courses in their free time or on their personal time meant for their family and friends.

What is your opinion – is anywhere, anytime learning a boon or bane for new age employees?