55% Learners Spend Less than 10 Mins on E-learning Course. What is Needed?

55% Learners Spend Less than 10 Mins on E-learning Course. What is Needed?

Do you know why learners spend less time on a course? The immediate answer that comes to our mind is “the course must be on a dry subject and must be tiresome.”

According to  our research, 55% learners spend fewer than 10 minutes on a course. These statistics clearly states that the courses should be interesting and keep the learners engaged.

Here are a few ways on how to make your learner stay tuned to the course.

Content chunking for simple understanding

You must have heard of the term “content chunking” very often as it plays an important role in eLearning course development; it helps the learner understand the content in an uncomplicated way. Content chunking is a strategy of breaking the content into shorter sentences that helps to reduce cognitive overload and makes it easier to understand. The information should be prioritized, the main points and the topics should be shown in an organized way.


Chunking is essential as people have limited capacity of short-term memory that can grasp only the easy and understandable content. It is a great technique for the development of an interesting eLearning course.


Interactivities to keep the learner engaged

Do you think interactivities motivate and engage the learners? Yes, they do. A well-designed interactivity can greatly contribute to keep the learner stay on the course. To make the course interesting and prevent the learner from getting bored or frustrated by the course, you need to integrate interactive game-based interactivities or fun elements into the courses.

It is not always easy to retain the learners’ interest throughout the course; hence, interactivities can help learners focus on the content because they call for practical interaction. Interactivities include elements like animations, video, gaming, simulations and practice exercises that generate interest and motivate the learners. To make learning a memorable experience, one should always use interactivities to keep the learner excited, engaged and motivated.


Images to make it visually good and self-explanatory

When you listen to something, you may not be able to recollect it. However, if you see the image, it gets incorporated in your mind and helps you remember it for longer time. That is how images change the way of learning. Instead of placing heavy content onscreen, use relevant images that are self-explanatory.

Colors to add attraction

Look and feel of a course is something that depends on the use of color. They add life to the eLearning courses. Without colors it is nearly impossible to add zing to the course and the course may look unprofessional and uninvited without them.

You should also be careful in selecting the right colors for the courses because sometimes they could also distract the learners. We have to keep the learners’ background in mind to decide on the colors.

Knowledge of different ways to create interesting courses can help you create effective courses that allow better understanding and makes them spend more time on your course. What do you say? Please do share your views.

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