Lean Manufacturing Training: Can it be delivered through Online Learning?

Lean Manufacturing Training: Can it be delivered through Online Learning?

Lean manufacturing is an approach to improve the business profitability and competitiveness by identifying and eliminating the wasteful practices and uneconomical procedures. Irrespective of the type of industry you are operating in (manufacturing or service), lean processes help you to improve the value-adding and reduce the non-value-adding activities. By this, organizations can minimize on costs and improve quality and productivity.

Thus, we can say developing the Lean talent is of utmost importance for every organization in this competitive global economy to survive.

How do you do that?

Making your workforce abstain from their regular duties for the sake of lean manufacturing training, may become an impediment to your daily workflow. If you are operating globally, then it becomes more tedious and also costs a great deal.

The best training option to solve such issues is online training. But “is it an effective way to train?”

According to the U.S. Department of Education, learners who took online learning performed better than those who were trained in face-to-face training sessions. Value of training – IBM report states that eLearning can boost the productivity by 50%. It is also proven that eLearning increases the knowledge retention by 25% to 60% among learners (Corporate eLearning exploring a New Frontier, WR Hambrecht).

Delivering Lean Training Online

This statistical information could convince you to undergo online training. But is the online training method appropriate for lean manufacturing training?

The answer is an unhesitating “Yes”. The content of such trainings mainly deals with procedures, process and practices that should be followed to improve the production efficiency and cutting down the wastages. By applying certain instructional design strategies we can tailor the content to suit the online mode. These can be as follows:

  • Short Modules or Sessions

    Online byte-sized modules can be developed each of which will help understand a key concept and process. Due to the short duration of training modules that match the adult attention span, the retention and understanding of concepts will be higher.

    Online Training Course on Lean Manufacturing

    • Scenarios

Scenarios can be used for introducing areas leading to wastage of time, resources and raw material during manufacturing and allowing the learners to think of a better solution. This can help them to identify the potential areas of wastage and encourage them to think of the best possible practices in the given situation.

Online Training Course on Lean Manufacturing

    • Realistic Examples

Using authentic, realistic cases or situations as examples to explain principles and theories (content) makes the courses more practical.

Online Training Course on Lean Manufacturing

    • Interactivities

Using rollovers, hotspots, click-on-tabs, time line, numbers, processes, slideshows, animation, etc. learners can be engaged effectively.

Online Training Course on Lean Manufacturing

Online Training Course on Lean Manufacturing

These are some instructional design strategies used in designing the lean manufacturing eLearning courses. Your thoughts are welcome!

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