Does Lean Manufacturing Really Help In Business Success?

Does Lean Manufacturing Really Help In Business Success?

Lean manufacturing refers to a simple way of enhancing one’s business with a suite of tried and tested tools. It certainly does not provide the answer to every business’ woes, and it cannot, since every business has its own problems and own ways of finding customized solutions. However, lean manufacturing works best when it is accompanied by a large amount of common sense and the drive to achieve. Lean manufacturing training is not a recipe for business problems but can point one in the direction of implementing this business philosophy for success.

Having said that, it is important to note that just as everything in life comes with its own limitations, so does lean manufacturing. It would not be right for a company adopting the principles of lean manufacturing to presume that it is a panacea for all its ills and continue to have an uncommitted management team. Even if a business has the right management style and structure, it is still not a candidate for success if it does not provide these people with the business tools to do their job perfectly and bring the company to success. As the head of a business, therefore, you need to have a clear focus and direction of where you are and where you want to be in the next few years.

However, as a business person, you cannot fall prey to every business mantra that is thrown at you, but must adopt and adapt all that you read and learn to your business. Hence, you could come up with a combination of two or more business mantras which could work well for you. By tweaking or fine tuning some aspects of the business philosophies you choose, you could end up with a perfect learning guide that could be the roadmap for your success.

This tweaking is essential, as anyone in business and out of it knows that no two businesses are alike and that all management gurus are individualistic. Hence, if one’s thinking is so individualistic, you can’t expect blanket norms in business—you have to customize.

A business person has to study his market, his place in his market, the effectiveness of his products and services and then apply the principles of lean manufacturing to his unique situation. Only then does lean manufacturing become meaningful to the business user.

A manufacturer’s duty is to produce a product at the right price and the standard of quality, render prompt and thorough customer service. These are areas in which lean manufacturing can be of help to him. A company’s basic aim is to make good money and this can only be achieved by making and marketing good products. This is the bottom line, no matter which business mantra one may adopt.

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  • Maria

    What ever your mantra is, large amount of common sense and tweaking are essential to succeed.

  • We just wanted to add about “lean environment” which it it essential to have trust of the workforce so that they understand that productivity improvements would never cost them their jobs”
    We know that one using Lean manufacturing principles will reduce costs but on the other hand when the workforce feel that feel of insecure job stability it will definitely affect their daily performance not helping production improvement.

  • Thank you for sharing your views.
    Excellent MCP Consulting, I agree with your comment.

  • Vivek K Rajaguru


    Excellect Article,My View is Very Straight & Simple as India is Opening up to the World to lead a huge Economical Revolution in the next 10 years ,Lean Thinking & Application will be the “Buzz word” among all the Industries in coming years.We see waste in every aspect of our life from morning to evening wherever we go and it has a cost hidden in it .If we realize this potential and apply the basic common sense of lean then India as a country will be leading the world as economic super power in the next 10 years. Key is realising the huge potential and changing as early as possible.

    Great day

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