Get to Know CommLab India – Journey of Last 10 years: 2000 – 2009

Get to Know CommLab India – Journey of Last 10 years: 2000 – 2009

CommLab’s Introduction

  • Started in 2000 by RK and Ayesha
  • STPI Registered 100% EOU (Custom Bonded)
  • Vision: To help individuals and organizations learn in the most efficient and effective way by using the latest eLearning strategies and state-of-the-art Media, Internet and Information Technologies.
  • Values:


CommLab’s Products

Custom CoursewareTechnologyCatalogue Courses
HR and ComplianceCustomize Open Source LMSManagement
Software SimulationsSCORM and AICCInformation Technology
Sales TrainingPersonal Productivity
Product Training
  • Markets: US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, KSA, UAE
  • Unique Selling Proposition:
    • Strong pedigree in teaching and corporate training
    • Top notch quality through exacting processes and systems
    • Price and Time advantage by operating solely from India

Employees Retention



  • Salary’s on 1st Since Inception
  • Increments twice a year uninterrupted
  • Free high quality lunch
  • Open Leave Policy
  • Weekly Celebrations
  • Extensive Technical and Soft Skill Training
  • Flat Organization
  • High Retention

Customers Delight


USA (16), Canada (1), Australia (3), UK (2), Switzerland (2), Sweden (1), Dubai (2), France (1), Germany (1) and Italy (1)

  • Customer Focus: On time and Quality Product
  • Building Relationship on Trust
  • Effective Processes:
    • Sound Instructional Design
    • Production process
    • Quality Process
    • Client Interactions
    • Sound Technology Backing

Customer Mix


Our Present Customers – 30 Worldwide


Technology Growth


Marketing Focus: Our Prospects


New Age Marketing: Building Relationship


Financial Success: Profit Margins


IT and Asset Security

SecurityBackupsServers and Software
Websites – McAfee securedDaily, Weekly and Project Backups – CDs and HDsLicensed software
Emails and Data Transfers – SSL certificateIn multiple locations (fire resistant safe)100 Mbps fully-networked computer systems
Security Policy document in place; yet to be fully implemented3-hour power backup through UPSBroadband Internet line- Dedicated Internet on the way
Firewall protecting the networkDaily updating of patches – OS and antivirus s/w
Desktop level Anti-virus protection
  • Salams Dr Sahiba

    Was impressed with your wonderful work. Please keep it up. Well done

    We are developing with the purpose of furthering eLearning in Pakistan and would welcome association / collaborations to facilitate elearning activities.

    Would be nice to know your views and ideas and to explore opportunities. Till then take care keep smiling and have a wonderful weekend.

    Professor Shamshad
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