How do we keep up with Technology?

How do we keep up with Technology?

big_image002Imagine your life without email, mobile phone, laptop, cable TV… difficult, isn’t it? OK, we are quite adept at using these. What about Face Book? Do you twitter? What about an iPad?

Let’s look back, for a change. Do you remember predecessor versions of these gadgets and tools today? Hardly. Why? Because to paraphrase Alvin Toffler in Future Shock, technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible.

That means the new technology spawns new tools that make the old tools obsolete. The good news is that at any given point of time, there are only a handful of tech tools to adopt and master. Some are so good that they remain impervious to new predatory technology and they become a part of our daily life, always present like a faithful friend.

In any case, humans have enormous capacity to learn. It is only our own apprehensions that limit how much we learn.

The answer to the question is both “yes” and “no”. Yes, there is an ever-expanding repertoire of tech goodies. Yes, we have to learn them to stay current, if not competitive. No, it is not as difficult as it looks because with the advent of one new tech tools, some of the old ones disappear.

So, let’s work on our minds to break down apprehensions that we cannot keep pace. All these years we have done quite well and I am confident we will overcome and persevere in the days to come.

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RK Prasad


  • I’m already fifty years behind technologically, so I can look forward to going backwards even further in the next few years.