Share The Joy of Learning This Thanksgiving Day

Share The Joy of Learning This Thanksgiving Day

Share The Joy of Learning This Thanksgiving Day

What is the most memorable learning experience of your life? Why do you think it is so memorable? There could be many reasons that make you feel this way.

Some of the reasons could be:

  • The teacher, or the trainer, was exceptional in the way they transferred knowledge.
  • The presentation of content was very engaging and got you involved in the learning process.
  • What you learnt stayed with you for a long time.
  • It was a personally/professionally rewarding experience; Or
  • The learning format was totally different and interesting.

Learning can be memorable and fun, if it is learnt the right way. I am sure you will agree with me. More so, if the new knowledge is going to benefit the learner immediately. These days, it is necessary that employees continue learning throughout their work life – new technologies are applied, new software programs are implemented and new rules and regulations are made. Employees need to learn about these, to get along with their jobs efficiently.

As you know, employees learn 70% on the job, 20% from peers and only 10% through formal training – either through classroom, eLearning or blended options. Most often, classroom training is treated as an engagement activity, away from work, rather than real learning. It has its place, but when employees need to get up to speed with new knowledge, we need to consider new age learning solutions.

We have been helping various organizations re-orient their training programs using new age learning technologies and apps. We have noticed that this succeeds in keeping employee motivation high. Employees find the learning bytes easy to comprehend and implement the knowledge in real-life context.

We would like to share the joy of learning with you, by inviting you to try eLearning and mobile learning in your organization. Learning can be fun with multimedia elements and games, accessible anywhere-anytime using your own devices.

CommLab India would like to share the joy of learning through a 10 minute eLearning course on Performance Management absolutely FREE as a New Year Gift. On this Thanksgiving, I invite you to register for this course and try eLearning in your organization to get the best ROI for your training budgets.

Features of the Course

  • Highly interactive with audio and animations, with Print Feature
  • Works on ALL Devices – PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  • ALL Browsers: Safari, IE 8/9/10, Mozilla and Chrome
  • SCORM / AICC available for download
  • Will also be available as an App

Register Now for The eLearning Course on Performance Management

  • E-learning system in India is bringing more enhancement of the interest in education of student. It’s more interesting in lower education system.