Is Google Wave a flop?

Is Google Wave a flop?

I have been following a number of discussions on LinkedIn and other blogs in the cyber world trying to figure out what Google Wave is and how, it can be used as a learning tool. My quest was short and unfulfilling. Of course, in the bargain I came across some really good blogs and equally excellent writers.

For your information, I got most resources from Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day

Ben Par’s definition is succinct – “Google Wave is a real-time communication platform. It combines aspects of email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management to build one elegant, in-browser communication client. You can bring a group of friends or business partners together to discuss how your day has been or share files.”

So, what is in for us, learning, eLearning and corporate training professionals?

The only thing that strikes me as useful is that we can use it as a collaborative platform to develop content. It will be a good interface for SMEs, instructional designers, and content developers to jointly develop content. I suppose it will be quicker and cheaper. It looks like an advanced version of Google Docs, as far as I am concerned.

As far as revolutionizing online classroom instruction is concerned, I think not. At best, it will replace wikis, facilitate group work and help in publishing.

Maybe it is a case of sour grapes? I never got an invite!

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  • I am very much impressed with Google Wave. What interests me is that the paradigm shift in communication; pretty much close to typical human thought process and group activities

    Will it be successful in the market? Well, there is more to success in the market than just the need and a good product. Critical mass, financial muscle, marketing push, competition and many other factors too play a major role

  • The ability to use ‘gadgets’ and ‘robots’ inside Google Wave makes it a very different tool. I expect to see some very sophisticated tools being developed over the next few months and these will be the driver for it in collaboration, education, communication etc.

  • Wave can hardly be described as a “flop” since it is not yet out of beta. As a designer of online content for many thousands of students, I see great things for WAVE.

    It is going to change the way we perceive training and the very way we think about content creation. If you are old school, you will have considerable trepidation about this product.


  • Beta? It’s not even out of Alpha yet. Apart from that I agree with you entirely.

  • GoogleWave looks like a great tool for for content creation teams, if only I were able to invite some!

  • I am trying to start a virtual book club, a “bookwave,” if you will. I thought an appropriate thing to discuss would be Marketing Innovation and I think one of the first books we will discuss is Trust Agents.

    Murali, I’m more than happy to share an invite with you! Of course, I won’t try to force to participate in my little book club experiment, but it would be nice if you were interested and it would be a fun way to play with the platform.

    Just email me your email address, and I will submit it.


  • Google Wave is brand new. It will continue to evolve. Using this tool for inter-department collaboration will be like no other information sharing tool to this point in time. Aside from this tool being incredibly real-time in terms of IM, email and document editing it also has the most comprehensive set of abilities with relation to blogging, publishing and developing social engagement.

    Developers, Marketing meetings, brain-storming sessions, and so many other applications for inter-networking and communications will be improved. As well as collaborative document editing, blogging and social media activities are high on Google’s priorities and these features have been implemented into their development of Wave. Twitter, personal blogs and Facebook all have a place on Wave.

    Whole conversations can be instantly published to a blog, conversations and threads on topics of interest can be broadcast for all too see. I look forward to seeing what will come from Google Wave.

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  • sbn

    Thank you for your post.

    I have visited a nice tutorial about google wave here

  • Give it time. When I first started using it I couldn’t quite get what I should do with it. Then I found a wave on something I was interested in and joined in. Then I realized I was talking to someone who did not speak English, and I did not speak their language, and yet there we were talking.

    And then I got it.

  • Google Wave just launched and it is still in its “By Invitation Only” stage, which was the case with Gmail when it first entered the market. I believe that until it exits this stage, full classroom collaboration will not happen because the limitations posed by only giving a few invitations at a time is leading to the exclusion of many interested parties.

    You are correct that it may not revolutionize learning, but I doubt it is a flop. Besides, Google hates to flop, so I expect this will take off eventually.

    I should say I have not used Wave myself, but am waiting for “a friend of a friend” to invite me.

    Besides comparing it to the beige of Skype, I do not see any other free collaboration software that promises to do so much. We shall wait and see.

  • Mitch

    Don’t conflate Wave the protocol with Wave the Google Client or Wave the Google Service. It is the client that gives the user experience. Wave the protocol is polyglot, in the sense that it supports many styles of user interaction but requires no one in particular. I think a Google Wave client could be written that mimics an email client, or a forum interface, or an instant messenger chat client, or perhaps any of those with a menu option to switch perspectives. Someone may already be working on that right now for that matter, given that the server and protocol are open sourced and the current client is AJAX based.

  • Everyone knows that Google wave is pretty hard to explain and complicated to understand. It a tool for communication and collaboration on the web, which is great. Makes life easier.

  • sylvain

    hi ! did you finally get an invite ? otherwise, i can invite you just send me a mail…

  • devil4u

    Here is the fulll discription video of google wave :
    I also got the google wave account, its amazing, specially the use of extensions. I found it the one of the most coolest communication tool.

  • floop

    its a flop, they are expecting developers to write wavelets .. if there are lots of wavelets then it will be popular otherwise to me its crap, i have it for a long time and i even forgot that i have it.

  • Google Wave is getting to be interesting with many active discussions. Wave that I found to be of interest are on classroom learning, cloud computing, emergency management, project management and singularity

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  • I am a big fan of Google Wave. But now I don’t think Google will make a big Wave in internet. I think average people are not interested in Wave but still bloggers are enjoying the first b’day of it.

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  • The new Google product immediately took many positive comments and was defined as one of the most promising tools of 2010. But the initial enthusiasm was short lived.
    Google Wave is an application that merges instant messaging, e-mail, document editor, wiki tool and much more, but it seems none of this.

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