5 Quick Fixes for an IPAD-compatible E-learning Course

5 Quick Fixes for an IPAD-compatible E-learning Course

5 Quick Fixes for an IPAD-compatible E-learning Course

Have you ever faced unexpected problems while checking your course on the IPAD? Being an instructional designer, it never came into my mind until I faced a similar kind of problem. Recently, I was working on the courses which were IPAD-compatible.

To my surprise, I came through a few problems.The images were not visible and a few links and interactivities didn’t work. Many small things which were alright when I checked on desktop failed to function properly on the IPAD. Then, I came to know that there are a few things to consider when the course is supposed to be IPAD- compatible. Here, in this blog, I will deal with the problems that can be solved at the primary level.


When I checked the course, a few images disappeared. But, they were visible on my desktop computer. This problem occurs when images are in JPEG or any other format. So, while inserting images make sure the images are in the PNG format only.


Many a time, videos are in different formats like MPEG, FLV, WMV, etc. which don’t work on IPADs. The videos in my courses did not work on the IPAD as they were in the MPEG format, and our technical expert instructed me to insert videos in the MP4 format.


Sometimes, we use reference links to help the learner to explore. There is no format, but the checking part comes here. Every time we implement feedback or make changes the link address which we feed goes and so, when the course is final always keep it in mind to see it the links are properly added.


Generally, interactivities do work. But, in the case of a few interactivities like rollover, the context may get delayed as the learner keeps rolling from one place to another. It is better to avoid such interactivities; instead, we can use a better one which does not confuse the learner.


Now coming to the PDF files. We add resources and other references for the learner. Many a time, we cannot open them in an IPAD. So, there are few precautions we need to take. While inserting the file, we should check that the file name should not have any space, and in case a space is required it shouldbe replaced with a hyphen (-) or underscore (_). The second precaution is to remove special characters like &, $, @, etc.

Being an instructional designer, it is also important to check these technical things which may create problemswhile working on the IPAD. So, to check course on IPAD, we can get an idea of such mistake if we see the course in HTML5 instead of STORY.

Hope this blog is useful for you. Please do share if there is anything to add up.

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