When Introducing ELearning Should We Start with Blended Learning?

When Introducing ELearning Should We Start with Blended Learning?

When Introducing ELearning Should We Start with Blended Learning?

Consider a scenario, in which, a globally operating firm all of a sudden wants to implement eLearning in their organization. Typically, change is met with resistance by the employees in any organization. So, in order to minimize such resistance, how can organizations implement a new training format such as eLearning?

Following a planned strategy such as the one discussed below can minimize this resistance.

1. Before starting the eLearning project, you should consider issues, which are related to both individuals and the organization. At an individual level, you should consider employees’ interest towards eLearning, their prior exposure to eLearning, computer knowledge, and reaction towards change. At an organizational level, you should consider factors such as ROI of the program, how courses can be accessed by the employees, are employees located at a particular place or dispersed globally.

2. If the training method which is being followed in your organization is basic, it may not be advisable to implement high level eLearning, with interactive courses designed with the help of authoring tools and rolled over on the LMS. It is best to start with basic eLearning. Introduction of blended learning i.e. eLearning in class rooms is a good option.

3. Then, provide a simple course that has content highly relevant to select group of learners, who show less resistance to change. A simple asynchronous self-paced course will do great. Make sure it is well designed because one bad experience with a badly designed course will nullify all your future eLearning efforts.

4. Familiarize them about the learning process through basic eLearning programs by exposing them to technology enabled learning progressively. This way, the resistance to change can be slowly minimized.

5. Once the learners get acquainted with the medium, they will be more inclined to try switching to it.

Introducing the high level eLearning courses suddenly without planning proves to be ineffective for organizations who try to implement eLearning. Slowly building awareness among learners about the technology enabled learning through above methods paves way for successful implementation of eLearning in their organizations.

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