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3 Interesting Ways to Design E-learning Intro Pages

Written By Manisha Reddy K

3 Interesting Ways to Design eLearning Intro Pages

How do I attract learners to take-up my eLearning course? What is the most important part of an eLearning course? What increases the interest levels of online learners?

When learners look at the intro page of a course, the first few seconds are crucial, as they judge the course looking at the intro page. No matter how well you have presented the content and used the instructional strategy in the course, it’s the intro page that impacts the interest levels of your audience.

I believe the saying ‘first impression is the best impression’, so I make it a point to design the best intro page for my eLearning course.

While designing an intro page make it a point to:

  • Give the essence (display the key topics covered in the course)
  • Motivate the learners (state the solution the course offers to the learners’ problem)
  • Attract the learners (use good visuals to depict the quality of the course)

You can meet either of the above points in the intro page. You don’t need days to design such purposeful intro pages; all you need is a few hours to design and a few tips to follow!

Give the essence of the course

Design an intro page that depicts the key topics that will be covered in the course. This will increase the interest of the learner and engage them throughout the course.

Give the essence of the course

Motivate the learner by stating the solution to their problem

Learners always take up a course with an intension to improve their skills or solve a problem they are facing. The intro page should state the skill or the solution they will get from the course.

Motivate the learner by stating the solution to their problem

Attract the learners with good visuals

Learners create an impression and grade the course with the look and feel of the intro page. It’s needless to say that to attract a learner the course must have attractive visuals on the intro page. You may also use Avatars holding boards to display content.

Attract the learners with good visuals

These are three among the many brilliant ways to design your intro pages in your eLearning course. Please do share your experience on the same.

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