5 Interesting E-learning Statistics – An Infographic

5 Interesting E-learning Statistics - An Infographic

5 Interesting E-learning Statistics - An Infographic

It is well-said that change is the only constant in the world of learning. Various groundbreaking developments in the last two decades have transformed the corporate training landscape. Instructor-led training sessions are gradually making way for eLearning courses. Unlike sessions held in brick and mortar classrooms, online courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime. These courses enable people to draw their convenient learning schedules, without disruptions to their work.

E-learning courses can be developed quickly, at low cost, thanks to rapid authoring tools. This goes a long way in ensuring that the dynamic training needs of firms are met efficiently. The online medium helps deliver training of high and consistent quality as it is instructor-independent. It is highly environmental-friendly and helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint. Also, eLearning courses can be translated into multiple languages easily and are very useful to provide top-notch training to international, multilingual workforce.

These benefits of eLearning have resulted in the widespread adoption of eLearning. Here are 5 interesting statistics about the popular training format.

5 Interesting E-learning Statistics - An Infographic

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