5 Must Read Blogs On Creating Effective Learning Objectives

5 Must Read Blogs for Creating Effective Learning Objectives

The most important step in the development of an eLearning course is the formulation its learning objectives. Many instructional designers do not really understand the meaning of learning objectives; they just use huge sentences that are difficult to read and make the learner panic, when he starts reading them. It is very important that the learner knows what he will accomplish at the end of the course.

A sound learning objective helps motivate the learner. A learning objective creates the first impression of the course on the learner and hence needs to be crafted effectively. Here are five blogs that will help you create good learning objectives.

1. Basic Characteristics of Learning Objectives

Before crafting learning objectives, it is very essential to know what the course is all about and have adequate knowledge about it. Here is the right blog to learn the basic characteristics of learning objectives.

2. 5 Tips for Creating Effective Learning Objectives

In this blog, you will come across various dos and don’ts’ of learning objectives, such as avoiding long and lengthy objectives, leaving little space for misinterpretation.

3. Writing Effective Learning Objectives with Blooms Taxonomy

This is one of my favorite blogs that gave me very good knowledge of how to create learning objectives that can hook the learner. Usually, people try to fit a suitable word into the sentence and call it a learning objective, but it’s not the way learning objectives are created.There are standards for creating learning outcomes, using a perfect verb matching with the objective.This blog tells you how to create learning objectives using “Blooms Taxonomy”.

4. How to Craft Effective Learning Objectives for an E-learning Course?

This blog shares very useful information on how to craft effective learning outcomes.It not only emphasizes on outcomes but also tells you how to align learning outcomes with assessments.This is to make the course effective and make the learning objectives easy for the learner to understand.

5. Different Ways to Present Learning Objectives in eLearning

We are all familiar with the fact that learning objectives need not always be presented in a standard design format, and this blog will help you create learning objectives in different ways that hook the learner.

This info-graphic is an added bonus to help you craft effective learning outcomes for your course.

3 Steps for Creating Effective Learning Objectives

I hope these interesting blogs will help you create effective learning outcomes for your upcoming course. Do you have anything to share more about learning objectives? Please do so.

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