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Why Do We Need Interactivities in an E-learning course

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Why Do We Need Interactivities in an E-learning course

As an Instructional designer, you might want to provide lots of important information in your eLearning course in order to provide your learners with better learning. But, you can never ensure that your learners make the most out of training. Hence, interactivities are a great way to engage the learners and break the monotony. Here are a few reasons why it is important to include interactivities in your online course. Interactivities:

  1. Engage the learner: As eLearning is self-paced, it is essential to actively involve learners in the learning process. Interactivities, to a great extent , help maintain the interest of the learners. Interactivities allow the learners to explore, think, make decisions and, thereby, participate actively in the learning process.
  2. Attract the learner’s attention: Including Interactivities helps grab the learner’s attention. They make learners to participate actively in the online course by doing things. Interactivities such as hotspots and click-on-tabs are a great way for learners to practice what they have learned and also explore knowledge.
  3. Help the learner retain knowledge: Learners are more likely to remember things when they are allowed to interact with the content. As the quote says “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I will remember; involve me and I will understand.” This way, your learners can retain information for a longer period of time.
  4. Motivate the learner: Including interactivities such as animations, graphics, scenarios and simulations motivate learners and urge them to take the online with great zeal. They make the learners understand the core concept and thus reinforce learning.
  5. Create excitement: Interactivities in eLearning courses excite learners. Adding graphics, animations, scenarios and game-based assessments makes online courses engaging and evokes the curiosity in learners. Including scenarios that resemble real job situations makes learners fully immersed in the course.

Have you used any interactivities in your course? If so, do share your views on same.

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