How to Add Spice to Your eLearning Course?

How to Add Spice to Your eLearning Course?

How to add spice to your eLearning Course?

We can make eLearning more interactive. Here is the one way of making an eLearning course a little livelier.

Audio Snippets:

In formative assessments, we can add audio snippets. Below are the three examples of audio snippets, which you can try out.

1. We can add the sound of Applause for positive feedback and “OOPS” sound for Negative feedback. Click the image below to view a snippet at work.

Example 1:

Audio Snippets

2. For one of our clients we have done a football game and a bike racing game in which we have used snippets like cheering, fireworks and bike roar. Click the images below to view the snippets.

Example 2:

Audio Snippets

Example 3:

Audio Snippets

Try the above and please share your experiences.

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