Designing Interactive Assessments In An Elearning Course Using Flash

Designing Interactive Assessments In An Elearning Course Using Flash

Designing Interactive Assessments In An ELearning Course Using Flash

Are you one among those who know what Flash is and do not know how to use it?

Flash as we all know, is a tool where we can design highly interactive eLearning courses. Now let’s see how we can design interactive assessments using Flash in an eLearning course. We will also see the effort estimation, for different types and strategies of assessments, for the E-Learning courses.

It is through the assessments that a learner can check his understanding and the eLearning designer can understand how far the learner is able to grasp the course that he designed. Therefore, assessments are as important as designing an eLearning course and thus must appear interesting to the learners, so that they take up the assessments, with the same enthusiasm as that of the course.

Here are some of the features of Flash.

  • Adobe flash is the way for delivering high-impact, rich e-learning content, in various Designs, animation, and user interfaces.
  • It supports heavy animations, interactions, assessments…..etc.
  • Many animations, interactions, assessments are possible in Flash, which the authoring tools cannot do.
  • It supports XML.
  • All the interactivities that are used in e-learning courses can be done in Flash, though that requires more time.
  • It needs to be integrated with Action script 2.0 or 3.0.
  • Here is the list of assessment types that are possible using Flash in an eLearning course.
  • Drag and drop
  • Match the following
  • Puzzles
  • Single select, multiple option questions
  • Multiple select, multiple option questions
  • Drop down
  • Final quiz
  • Gaming assessments

Below is the table which illustrates the minimum and maximum time for developing various kinds of assessments using flash.

Table: development time

Development Time

Here is the screen shot of a gaming assessment using flash, involving very high interactivity that took around 8 hours to develop.


Now, after knowing these things, don’t you feel that it’s simple for a beginner to learn Flash? What would you choose between learning Flash or leaving it to Flash experts?

Well! Learning flash would be my choice as it is easy!

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  • Kevin

    I agree, these are great. But do you actually have a tutorial on how to perform the interaction you created above?

  • Thanks Kevin for your comment. The flash interactivity are done using AS3 action scripts. It is difficult to share the “How To” unlike the rapid authoring tools like Articulate Storyline.