The Top 7 E-books of 2016 on Instructional Design

The Top 7 E-books of 2016 on Instructional Design

The Top 7 E-books of 2016 on Instructional Design

Every professional constantly seeks to improve his quality of work. Instructional designers are no exception. This blog will give a brief overview of the top 7 e-books on instructional design released in 2016.   Hope they add value to your work as an instructional designer.

1. ISD From the Ground Up, A NO-NONSENSE APPROACH TO INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN  by Chuck Hodell takes you through traditional ID models.  The latest edition of this e-book contains both basic and advanced information to help instructional designers. The chapters will help beginner IDs build basic foundation skills while tutorials will help the seasoned professional.  The book also offers a review on objectives, design plans, and lesson plans to help the modern ID.

2. The Accidental Instructional Designer by Cammy Bean presents a real and practical view of the instructional design field. The e-book is written with a personal approach and provides modern insights and tips from the author.It covers all major aspects of the learning design process, including understanding ID, creating scenarios, interactivities and visuals, and working with SMEs.

The e-book will be useful to both beginners in instructional design as well as those with experience, looking for new ideas. The author not only shares her techniques and strategies but also provides insights from other instructional designers.

3. Instructional Design Strategies to design Engaging E-learning Courses: Presented by CommLab India, this e-book is all about instructional design strategies that will help you design engaging e-learning courses. It explains what an instructional design strategy is and the importance of these strategies in e-learning courses. It explains the popular strategies briefly, including the types of training they best suit, and how to select the right one based on your requirements.

E-learning courses based on sound instructional strategies are bound to have a better impact. This e-book will tell you how you can get it right.

4. Fundamentals of Learning Objectives in Training Design – Part 1 and 2: This e-book in two parts, presented by CommLab India, tells how essential it is to set well-defined, measurable learning objectives for training programs.

The first part of the e-book defines learning objectives, and looks at how Bloom’s Taxonomy helps set learning objectives. It explains how objectives impact the content, duration, and cost of training programs. It also gives insights into the process of setting learning objectives.

Part 2 of this e-book looks at learning objectives from a learner’s perspective. It provides tips to frame effective learning objectives, creative ideas to present them in online courses, and the common pitfalls you should avoid while framing them.

This e-book is the go-to guide you are looking for when you need to pep up your skills on setting the objectives of your course.

5. The Essential Guide to Working with Subject Matter Experts: Instructional designers have to work in tandem with subject matter experts (SMEs), which many find to be a tough challenge. This e-book will help you get the best out of your SMEs. Here you will find tips on how to collaborate effectively with SMEs so that you get the information and feedback you need to create better courses.

6. 5 Highly Effective Strategies for Creating Engaging E-Learning: In this e-book, you will find solutions to keep your learners engaged while going through the course. The book gives tips on how to think like a visual designer and build interactions that help learners engage with the content. It offers guidelines on creating learning experiences that encourage exploration, producing videos and interactive games that engage and motivate the learner. In fact, every aspect of learner engagement is covered in this e-book.

7. 6 Best Practices for Designing Accessible E-Learning: In this e-book, you will find tips to create WCAG and Section 508 compliant e-learning courses. You will learn about accessibility in e-learning and find tips to develop such courses. Learn how to create highly usable course navigations in this e-book.

E-books on instructional design are dime a dozen, you need to access the right books that will help you enhance your instructional design process.

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  • Good! There’s never enough discussion about the topic of engagement in eLearning. In 2016 there were so many great eBooks out there, e.g. from eLearning Industry – I recommend the ones that are published there but definitely will get my hands on those two you mentioned about engagement!