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How to Zero-in on the Right Instructional Design Strategy? [Video]

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How to Zero-in on the Right Instructional Design Strategy? [Video]

Before diving into the design process of an e-learning course, there are four factors that need to be taken into consideration. These are audience, subject, learning environment and parameters.

The first factor demands the analysis of target audience. The second one is the designation of which subject the course should focus on and the learning strategies that need to be included. The third factor determines the whereabouts of location in which the learners are going to use the e-learning course. The fourth factor contemplates the parameters or constraints like time, cost and other technical issues to consider before designing the e-learning course. An efficient instructional design strategy incorporates these four factors thus resulting in the desired outcome.

Want to know more about the four factors to consider for a good instructional design strategy? Check out the video How to decide an instructional design strategy which elaborates the following

  • Audience
  • Subject
  • Learning environment
  • Parameter constraints

Access the free video here!

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