Instructional Approach for Content on Compliance Training

Instructional Approach for Content on Compliance Training

Compliance courses usually contain laws or policies which may be internal or external to a Company with dry content, making the learner face difficulty in understanding, remembering and applying these concepts. What will you do if you have to present these laws or policies in a simpler manner and help the learner understand better? More importantly, how will you help learners remember these laws or policies and link them with their jobs?

At CommLab, we devise several courses related to Compliance. Before designing a course, we step into the learner’s shoes and try to discover their problems by understanding the course, thus enhancing better learning. Listed here are some tips for designing compliance courses using a scenarios-based design approach:

  • Explain these laws in simple language to help the learner understand and remember those laws.
  • Give learners ample opportunities to apply their learning using scenarios related to their work life.
  • Present different situations where the application of various laws or policies is relevant as it will contribute to emotional, intellectual and physical participation of the learners.
  • Each scenario should have three to four options from which the learner must choose.
  • All options should provide ample feedback as to why a particular option is right or wrong, thereby providing additional opportunities for the learner to deepen his or her understanding of the law or policy.
  • Try to add a summative assessment at the end of each module as it will help learners to know their level of understanding and the topics that they are weak in.

Here is an example of a scenario:

Explanation of a situation with options for the learner to choose:

Instructional Approach for Content on Compliance Training

Ample feedback for a wrongly chosen option:

Ample feedback for a wrongly chosen option

Ample feedback for a correctly chosen option:

Ample feedback for a correctly chosen option

This is how we try to help the learner understand better by presenting a situation related to his or her work life. Tell us what your approach will be to present Compliance-related content.

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  • We use case studies, role plays, and other interactive learning tools. For cases we draw first from incidents in the industry or firm. We also use seminal results from case law. Learners are placed in working groups to work the issues and come up with their results. One group shares its results, others add points which were not addressed from their groups. The facilitators summarize the learnings for all, highlighting the important take-aways.
    remember, adults learn best by doing, interaction is key.