Instructional Approaches to Develop New Employee Orientation Training

Instructional Approaches to Develop New Employee Orientation Training

New employee orientation is the process of providing a new hire with a snapshot of the organization. It is about conveying the culture, values,and principles of the organization in a manner that helps new employees understand and then apply them.

Having agreed that employee orientation training is important, a question that still remains unanswered is the one on how to deliver the training. Using e-learning, the training program can be used at all locations of an organization. This method will directly yield the following three results:

  1. Trainers need not spend their entire energy by training batch after batch.
  2. The organization can focus on creating only one training course.
  3. The expenses incurred in creating a course can be greatly reduced.

Now, the next question that pops up is:‘Are e-learning courses really engaging?’Most of the time, we hear that orientation or induction trainings are always boring.But we need not be bothered about this aspect anymore. We now have many instructional approaches to make e-learning courses engaging and interactive.

Let’s look at some of the instructional approaches we used to develop a new hire orientation program.

To set the context for the learners, we included a video at the beginning of the course. This video included the organization’s vision and mission. To make the video more interesting, we used the video scribe software, with which we created our own style of whiteboard animations. For these animations, we used few words but more illustrations/vector images. We also embedded light background music to captivate the learners’ attention.

Video including vision

To introduce some aspects such as culture, values, and strategy, we used the explore and learn approach.This is one of the most effective ways to make learners actively participate in the course.Here, we used a virtual campus that contained the images of buildings of the organization, where learners could learn by exploring each organizational component like culture, values, strategy,and so on. On clicking each component, the relevant content and images are displayed.

Explore and Learn

The content was slightly complicated (goals, objectives, drivers, etc.);but we still had to keep the learners engrossed in the course. So, we used another approach – we personalized the content, where we used real images and conversational audio. As the content included different topics such as diversity and inclusion and improving environmental performance around the globe, we used real images of people from different cultural backgrounds, and images related to environment and energy. Because of this, the learners were emotionally connected to the content and visuals.

Content and Visuals

These are some of the instructional approaches we used for building an engaging new employee orientation e-learning course. Hope you find them useful.

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