Inspirational Leader Vs Good Leader!

Inspirational Leader Vs Good Leader!

Earlier this month, I had written about “The Qualities of Good Leader“. However, there is a thin line between a good leader and an inspirational leader. A leader has ‘vision’, as well as an understanding of strategy, the use of power and drive, while an inspirational leader goes beyond all this and achieves more. What maketh an inspirational leader? – People who have the passion and zeal to do something different and have the power to encourage people to follow? Following are few qualities that lead a good leader to become an inspirational leader:

  • Those who have the passion for their vision, zeal and enthusiasm to succeed and do something different and at the same time be compassionate. They genuinely care about other people’s well being and work.
  • Everyone wants to display their strengths and not weakness. Most people think that leaders can do no wrong. When a leader shows a weakness or two, people will realize that leaders too are human beings and not gods.
  • Leaders are those who have the ability to think, foresee future opportunities and more. They rely on their intuition for timing and course of action for present and future opportunities. They keep themselves updated with minutest of information and use it when it is needed the most.
  • What makes inspirational leaders different is that they do things in a different manner and achieve great results.

To inspire, an inspirational leader needs to lead people towards a vision that he wants to achieve. He must be able to convince his fellow workers towards achieving the goal and vision he has in mind and make them follow him willingly.

An inspirational leader is one who:

  • Motivates his team and also inspires them to follow what he/she preaches.
  • Allows the team to function in stress free and friendly environment.
  • Is focused on what needs to be done in an appropriate manner.
  • Clear understanding of the happenings in the organization.
  • Chooses the right path in decision making and problem solving especially while resolving issues at work.
  • Works side-by-side with team mates, never considers any ‘tasks’ below their dignity and inspires others to do the same.
  • Possess sound judgment skills during the critical decisions making process and in unforeseen crisis.

Every person can choose to lead a team, but the one who inspires others can be the one who provides a vision for the future and also offers an encouragement to others to achieve the same goals that lead towards the success of a business. He/she should possess strong leadership qualities and be an example for everyone.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

  • Great list, and great ideas! I like what you said about the leader not being afraid to show his weakness, his humanity. He shouldn’t be cold and aloof.

  • samina

    Asma, I think we are just entangling issues. Clarity is what is required. A good leader by definition is an inspirational leader otherwise he is not a good leader. Leading and inspiring people is what leadership is all about – look at the millions of examples in history and in everyday life.

  • Xarrison

    Your list of qualities that describe the values of an inspirational leader actually apply to good leadership; the key difference is in the way they are applied and a manager’s behavioural way of working. A leader’s openess, enthusiasm, determination, and inclusive approach ensure that their leadership decisions seem to genuinely reflect the known needs and concerns of the entire team. But the inspirational leader knows that they cannot share everything; often they are aware of risks or dangers that could undermine a team’s confidence in a mission; yet if the risk manifests itself they know they can draw on the team’s collective strengths and lead them through the crisis with team members not following orders through line management protocols but following orders through trust. It is the way that a leader demonstrates their leadership skills during unpredictable crises as they balance the welfare of their team whilst keeping the mission’s objectives in sight that can be most inspirational. But inspirational leadership can often exclude such practices; think cults, think Waco. Inspirational leadership is not always good leadership even in business where a cult manager can seem wonderful, inspirational, fun etc to his/her staff but is only in fact operating in a bubble of contained self-satisfaction.

  • Candace

    I appreciate the depth of thought @Xarrison put into that response. I think we worry too much about defining the perfect leader, when she does not exist. Yet a “good” leader is often good enough — especially when she is open to feedback from her followers and has a huge range of abilities to pick from based upon the situation and apply it as her team needs. Of course, as @Xarrison mentions, a leader’s skill (intelligence, influence/inspiration…) is not the same as a leader’s ethics.

  • Its too bad more people don’t allow themselves to become leaders. There are more skills and qualities, but this is a good start. As people grow up and develop I believe pride and social structures hinder people from reaching their full potential. Leaders have the foresight and ability to be different and lead others towards their vision. The social constraints should be addressed so people can be aware of them and can formulate ways of avoiding them to become true leaders.

  • Wow, good question here. I personally think that a good leader is a better leader. I don’t think I would want to listen to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing but is inspirational. Although inspiration is nice sometimes. Check out my page for some inspiration. Thanks for the post. It got me thinking

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