Things Not to Be Forgotten at Initial Rollout Of E-learning

Things Not to Be Forgotten at Initial Rollout Of E-learning

Those who try to do somrthing and FAIL..are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed..

One of the reasons many organizations adopt e-learning is that of cost effectiveness. Moreover, e-learning has many proven benefits over the traditional training in terms of the flexibility, quality, user satisfaction, etc. But when the organization decides to implement e-learning they come across several factors which resist this change. Organization needs to be prepared for this. There are certain things which should not be forgotten, especially when e-learning is being rolled out to cater to their training needs. They are:

Introduce it Step-by-Step, Not All At Once: It’s a good idea to start e-learning in your organization step by step instead of all at once. Introduce it in one particular department. First try to convert some of your instruction led training courses into e-learning. Give a blended type of experience to your learners. Then enhance it and introduce it throughout the enterprise.

Develop instructionally sound content: Content designed for traditional learning environments may not be suitable for e-learning platform. Simply putting the content on the presentation slides is not at all considered to be the best e-learning practice. The existing content should be converted by the professional instructional designers such that it suits the e-learning format. The way the content is designed and delivered is important for the success of e-learning initiative in your organization.

Understand the reasons for e-learning initiative: Be clear about why you want to implement e-learning in your organization. When you feel that e-learning is necessary the reason should be strong enough to support it. It provides you a well-defined objective that can be communicated to the employees for their acceptance and involvement.

Create e-learning awareness program: Make learners aware and excited about e-learning initiative. Sending email announcements, launching poster and multimedia campaigns can be powerful. Use them during company wide gatherings, in class room situations with an instructor encouraging learners to look at small e-Learning demos.

Update and maintain e-learning content: It may be necessary to update the content regularly with fresh information. A systemic plan to review, revise and update the content should be established.

Have a committee or team to sustain the program: Form a committee with the members who add value and provide the support to the e-learning initiative in your organization. Have a help desk which always provides support to your learners regarding any issues related to e-learning.

These are a few of the points that one should remember while rolling out e-learning initiative in the organization. A focused strategy is all you need to make your organization absorb the new initiative.

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