Information Security Training through Elearning

Information Security Training through Elearning

Information Security Training through Elearning

During my training, I came to know the facts of growing technology and the risks of data security. I never knew how important it is to secure information. In the present world of high technology, where we depend highly on computers for our personal and official data, there are extreme dangers of theft of information, which may get us into loss. I present here my views which I formed during my study.

Information is the interpretation that an individual or, an organization, places upon the facts and which every business organization uses, for the purpose of development of their business and employees.

From the early days of politics, wars, and literature there has always been the top most priority for the security of information. There were one or the other means to keep information confidential and hidden for safety purposes. Julius Caesar is credited for the invention of Caesar Cipher, a method to prevent the outflow of the most important messages and avoid falling that into the wrong hands, in 50 B.C, . But for the Caesar Cipher, information security would not have been where it is today. (ref- Wikipedia)

Coming to the point of security of information in the present day context, whether you run your own business, or work as an employer in a company,you need to understand the importance of keeping information secured and confidential. It’s not that only internet based businesses are at the risk of theft of information, it is the requirement of all the sectors. When the safekeeping of information is not properly practiced, you will be damaging your, or your company’s, most confidential assets. It’s just like all other business assets that are essential in a business environment and therefore important to protect.

While no security is a foolproof, appropriate steps can always be taken to best protect information. To prevent any kind of information breaches, there can be trainings organised for fortified security awareness programs, covering the topics like usage of strong passwords, protection of data, spyware and virus protection, desktop protection, physical security, etc. For the successful pathway of an organization, its very important to train employees regarding the awareness of information security and implementing mandatory steps to avoid the risks like information hacking. As e-learning is a self-paced learning process, it acknowledges that information security alertness starts with an individual. The following features of an e-learning course makes the training effective.

  • Allows basic and fundamental – training on information security, thereby reducing the organisation’s liability due to security failures
  • Simple to use with applicable and revealing content
  • Non-technical and communicative language style
  • Huge financial cost savings in comparison to traditional training options
  • Nominal management – broad reports are available
  • Negligible workplace disturbance – staff gets training at their desks
  • Organized proof that training has actually been delivered

Effective training on the awareness of information security, could actually make you and your company more secured from the risks of information breaches. I personally feel that e-learning would really help organizations to preserve their assets, in the minimum time. Do share your views.

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