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6 Handy Infographics for eLearning Professionals

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A picture is worth 1000 words. When information is presented visually, in a form of an infographic, one finds it easy to assimilate the content in it. Several useful infographics were published earlier on this site covering a wide range of topics. We thought, it would be a good idea to make a compilation of some of the best infographics for your quick reference.

Here they are:

1. Many a times there is confusion between what eLearning is and what it is not. This infographic not only dispels some of the misconceptions of eLearning, it also gives information about what goes into creating an effective eLearning course.

What is eLearning and What it is not?

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2. Check out this infographic to get a bird’s eye view on when classroom training is beneficial and when one can opt for eLearning. Both have their unique advantages and have to be used based on the learning need and context. This infographic could serve as a good reference point.

Classroom Training VS. Online Training

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3. Instructional Designers most commonly refer to the ADDIE model when designing eLearning courses. There may be modifications and improvisations to the model for a given situation but in principle, the 5 phases of the ADDIE model are still relevant and having it in the form of an infographic is a useful resource for any learning professional.

Picturing the Phases of ADDIE Model

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4. This is a handy reference checklist for any HR professional involved in new employee orientation program. This infographic lists down the key information that should be part of an induction training program.

Checklist for New Employee Induction Training Program

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5. Learning Management System as it was initially meant to be is very different from what we see today. However, this is not the end because there are several new innovations that are becoming part of the LMS landscape today. Check out this infographic to learn the key trends in the LMS market.

Six Key Trends in LMS Landscapes

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6. Mobile learning is great for just-in-time knowledge transfer. To know the various formats that work best for mLearning, click on the adjacent image to view the infographic. The infographic lists 5 mobile learning delivery formats.

Top 5 Mobile Learning Delivery Formats

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Do share the infographics with your peers, pin it, instagram it, tweet it and spread the word around. If you have found a particular infographic useful, do drop a line to share how you have used it and how it has helped in your job.

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