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Infographic: Voice Over Scripts in E-Learning or PowerPoint Presentations

Audio narrations are one of the most important components of an eLearning course. The same is true in the case of audio for your PowerPoint presentation, particularly if it is being published online. Most of us create PowerPoint presentations and prepare an audio script, so that it serves us as a guideline during face to face presentations. If we were to publish the presentation online, so that more number of people benefit from it, will the audio script that was prepared for classroom training be sufficient? Would it capture the imagination and attention of online viewers, the same way as it had during the classroom presentation?

If you want the script to be read by a professional voice-over artist, what are the guidelines you need to provide him or her?

Here is an infographic that gives you tips to write engaging voice over, or audio scripts for your presentations and eLearning courses.

Voice Over Scripts in E-Learning or PowerPoint Presentations - Infographic


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