10 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Mobile Learning in Your Organization

10 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Mobile Learning in Your Organization

10 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Mobile Learning in Your Organization

You may be one of the training managers who spent huge amount of money in developing and hosting mLearning courses. But, you found that your employees are not enthusiastic about mobile learning as you might expect them to be.

This happens because of work related targets, due to which employees require a compelling reason to visit the learning portal or LMS on the mobile and take the recommended courses.

So, what will you do in such a scenario?

The answer is you have to promote mLearning and encourage your employees to adopt it.

This is because learning is like any other product on the shelves of the supermarket which needs to be promoted, so that potential buyers i.e. employees come and have a look at it.

Employees should first know about mLearning, and then, they should be convinced that it is useful for them. Only then, they will be motivated to take mLearning courses.

So, you need to have “employee motivation and acceptance” as a necessary part of your mLearning strategy, which can be done through promotion. Here are a few things which we can do to promote mLearning.

1. Message from the CEO or a Senior Executive: Messages from senior executives of companies make an instant connection with employees and are taken with due seriousness. So, messages from the senior management should be sent for promoting mLearning.

Message from the CEO or a Senior Executive

2. Wallpapers for Branding: Make attractive wallpapers about mLearning courses containing their launch dates and put them on the desktop of each employee. This will work well because the desktop is the place which is seen by each employee after turning on his PC. This trick can easily gather the immediate attention of employees.

Wallpapers for Branding

3. Micro-blogging: Micro-blogging is a web-based service which allows us to send messages or broadcast messages to a group of people who have subscribed to you or signed up. Twitter and Yammer are two micro-blogging services, and the former is free and public while the latter allows you to set up groups by paying a subscription fee. Both of these services are easily accessible on mobile devices provided you have the Internet. Micro-blogging sites can be used to promote and provide updates about the mLearning course.


4. SMS Message Alerts: SMSs can be sent for promoting the mLearning course and providing updates about the course. It can also be used to give frequent updates and notifications about upcoming courses. An SMS should contain the login or registration for the mLearning 

SMS Message Alerts

5. Personalized Items: You can offer personalized gifts, to encourage employees, as soon as they register for the mLearning course, like T Shirt and headphones. This goes a long way in increasing the number of course registrations.

Personalized Items

6. Interactive Posters: Create posters with the characters that are used in the course along with a short description of what the course is about and display them in areas where employees spend considerable time i.e. cafeteria and the lift lobby. This will catch the attention of the employees easily.

Interactive Posters

7. Social Media: Every organization has its own social media platform, where employees interact with each other. So, you can use that page for promoting mLearning, and you can also start quizzes and discussions on social media sites for promoting mLearning. You can also organize a poll to knowhow many people like the mLearning course.Social Media

8.Rewards: Providing valid certificates on the completion of course is another way of encouraging employees to take the online learning programs. Knowing that the time they spend is going to be rewarded and recognized, encourages personnel to invest their time and effort in the program. People will be highly motivated if the certificate is co-signed or recognized by a professional body.


9. Short Videos or Trailers: Use short videos highlighting the benefits of the course, so that the course or key takeaway of the course attracts the attention of your employees. The employees need to be educated on how the course will significantly promote their individual careers as well as help attain organizational goals. These trailers can be strategically placed on the company’s intranet or HR portal where employees are certain to login. The link to the trailer can be sent to the employees through emails, social media groups and internal newsletters.

Short Videos or Trailers

10. Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response service that allows a presenter or trainer to ask a question and receive audience’s feedback via SMS text messages, Twitter or the web. The reactions can then be shown progressively in PowerPoint, Keynote or on the web. It is easy and inexpensive to use Poll Everywhere, and this is one of its plus points. Polling during presentation is very advantageous because it is used to engage your audience, gather feedback and inspire them to participate in a discussion.

Poll Everywhere

 So, by following the above steps, you can encourage your employees to take mLearning courses. Hope you find this post informative. Please do share your thoughts.

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