Effective Induction Training through E-learning

Effective Induction Training through E-learning

When a new employee is hired into the company, there should be some period of time that should be dedicated to the induction program, as it helps the employee to settle well in their new role. An Induction program also helps the employees understand their job roles, organization culture and work principles.

Investing in such programs will never go in vain as it not only helps impart knowledge about the company but also helps improve productivity of the employees and make them ready for the job.

The induction training differs, based on the nature of the job and the workplace environment. For example, the manufacturing and mining sectors can use induction training to train the employees on the safety measures to be taken at the workplace. For organizations that are less exposed to danger, the induction training could be used to make the employees aware of the organization’s policies and principles.

Creating an effective and engaging induction training program could be challenging, but with eLearning you are likely to overcome those challenges. Let us see what advantages eLearning can offer to an Induction training program.

1. Accessible at any time

With eLearning, online induction training can be made available to the employees at any time. It does not require all new employees to gather at the training place and wait for the manager to take over the training. ELearning can deliver consistent training to the employees and the employees can take up the training at their own pace and convenience. It also allows employees to refer the course material, whenever required. As online training could be accessed any time, it helps bridge the gap between the job offered and the joining date.

2. LMS to track the progress

As you provide online training to the employees, you may want your employees to complete an online course within the specified timeline. For this, a tool like Learning Management System (LMS) could be effectively used to keep track of the employees’ performance and progress. Using LMS also sets the stage for the employees to communicate and collaborate with other employees and the managers.

3. Appealing visuals

An induction program is an important training program for new employees and in the absence of the same, they will not be able to align with the organization’s goals and strategies.The induction program should be very effective, so that it can immerse the new employees in the organization’s culture and their job responsibilities. With eLearning, you can create effective online induction training programs that can keep your employees engaged and informed of the organization’s policies. Appropriate animations and graphics can be used to give a clear picture of the company’s infrastructure and make the employees feel that the organization is the right place to work with.

4. Effective Scenario

As stated earlier, induction training differs based on the nature of employment. For manufacturing and mining firms, the induction program is intended to provide safety training to the employees. With the use of relevant videos and scenarios in the eLearning course, it is possible to demonstrate a situation or an accident that is likely to take place in the work area and help employees minimize the safety hazards. Using interactive assessments and quizzes can also be helpful to assess the employees on their understanding of the course.

These are a few advantages, which eLearning can offer to the induction training, and there are many more advantages to be added to this list. Do share your ideas on the same.

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