New Employee Induction Training Program Checklist

New Employee Induction Training Program Checklist

New Employee Induction Training Program Checklis

An induction training program provides a solid foundation for a new employee who seeks to find a foothold in a new organization. Having a checklist for the induction program ensures that no important information required for an employee is left out during the induction training program.

The induction training checklist can be used by anyone in the organization who is involved in recruiting, training, developing and supervising new employees. It could be the managers, trainers or supervisors.

What should be part of the induction training? Let’s review them below:

Introduction: It involves introducing new employees to their team members, familiarizing them with their work area, layout of the workplace and other relevant information such as work hours and breaks allowed.

Introduction to the organization: A brief outline of the industry and the position of the organization in the market would provide a good overview to the new employee. In addition, it also helps understand the nature and structure of the business, role of the key people within the organization, the mission and vision statement of the organization together with its objectives and goals.

Job Position: This explains the role of employees and how their job contributes to the goals of the organization. Providing this information helps an employee to get an overall perspective of the organization and how his role helps in achieving organizational objectives.

Performance and Work Schedule: It is helpful to provide new employee a brief outline of performance expectations and the various communication channels available. It also clearly mentions the work schedule – hours of work, rules or procedures for working overtime and finally how and when can holidays be taken. In case of absence or late arrival whom or how is this reported?

Financial Benefits: There may be other information that the employees would be keen to know such as the mode of payment for salary and incentives, taxation policies and so on. Company policies with respect to loans or insurance benefits could also be included in the induction checklist.

Safety and Security: Last but not the least is the information about safety and security aspects related to the work environment. It includes highlighting the emergency evacuation procedure, location of first aid facilities.

These are some of the aspects that could be incorporated as a part of the induction program. Providing clarity on these aspects to the newly recruited employees, increases their confidence about the organization and their future with it.

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