A Survey On Best Practices of New Hire Orientation Training Program

A Survey On Best Practices of New Hire Orientation Training Program

I joined recently CommLab India and as part of induction training, I was trained along with the other new employees, on various subjects like organizational structure, nature of the organization, policies and procedures.

This training has really given the required impetus to perform efficiently at work. Also, I was curious to know if the other trainees are also equally confident about their job roles and work. Out of this an idea evolved to do a survey on new employee orientation training program. The objective of this survey is to evaluate the new employee training.

The no of participants for this survey were 15 new employees.

According to the survey conducted, I came across a few interesting aspects, which I would like to share with you.

About 21.4% of the new hires were confident about their job role in the organization. This shows us that they are provided with a clear insight of their own responsibilities. In addition, it also helped the new employees know the organization policies. As far as they are concerned, the training program was effective.

Other 19.31% felt that training program benefited them in knowing the organization policies and also the nature of business of organization. This infers that they are clear about the organizational mission and vision.

Only 18.58% were able to understand the organization operations and procedures. This means that only a few were able to understand the procedures that the organization follows. Including the key concepts like work schedule, rules for working overtime can help them to understand the procedures better.

Below are the survey results of new employee orientation training program.

New Employee Orientation

Here are a few common best practices that the organizations might follow to guide new hires.

Introduction: Introducing the new employees to the team members and co-workers and familiarizing them with the work area helps them adjust well in the organization before they start with their work.

Constant Support and Guidance: New hires generally take some time to learn and explore. They expect constant support and guidance from their co-workers, until they become familiar with the work environment. As they are new to their job role they might commit mistakes; try helping them in their work in-spite of bringing their confidence levels down.

Nature of Business of Organization: Provide details regarding the nature of organization. This includes the information like customer profile, functioning of various departments and the products and services that you offer.

Safety Rules and Health Requirements: Including information about the safety rules and health requirements in your training program, improves the bottom line of the organization, by giving due importance to the safety rules.

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