E-learning: Imbibing the Ideals of Our Independence

E-learning: Imbibing the Ideals of Our Independence

15th August – a day that has a special place in the heart of every Indian. The independence day epitomizes the spirit of freedom that runs deep within all of us. As citizens of the eLearning world, we can be proud that we are associated with a training format that has liberated learning by breaking the shackles of place and time. Online training has truly imbibed the spirit of freedom as it

Ensures learning for all

Our freedom fighters fought for equality. They believed in and fought for a democratic society in which all men would have equal rights and opportunities. E-learning is based on this principle of equality and online courses democratize learning. Digital courses impart the same training to people living in different nations having diverse cultural backgrounds. It transcends the differences in wealth, race, caste and creed. ELearning is a universal learning format indeed!

Comes to the aid of underprivileged learners

The heroes of our epic freedom struggle wanted people belonging to underprivileged sections of the society to receive the fruits of knowledge. Digital courses help realize this dream by imparting effective training to the less fortunate people, who are constrained by work and money, thereby providing them with an opportunity to succeed and prosper.

Helps create a happy learning environment

The brave souls, who fought for our independence, wanted everyone to be happy. The online training medium can be used to create happy learning experiences. The power of multimedia can be used to develop “scintillating” courses that enthrall learners. ELearning is the perfect medium to impart highly efficient training through games, which go a long way in reducing the stress associated with learning.

Makes the learner the master of his learning

We fought for our freedom because we did not like someone else imposing their will on us. We earnestly believed that we were the masters of our lives and that every individual had a right to live as he desired. ELearning, by facilitating access to anytime, anywhere learning enables people to choose their own learning paths. The learner exercises complete control over his learning.

E-learning helps deliver consistent high quality training to all without any discrimination. It enables the disadvantaged to acquire knowledge and skills efficiently. It makes learning a pleasure and allows the learner to learn as he wishes. It is indeed based on the principles of democracy, self-determination and prosperity – the guiding lights to our freedom. I wish you all a very happy Independence Day!

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