Celebrating the Spirit of Independence with E-learning

Celebrating the Spirit of Independence with E-learning

Celebrating the Spirit of Independence with E-learning

July 4th has a special meaning for all of us. As Indians, this day reminds us  our own epic struggle for freedom and inspires us to strive for the ideals, which we all cherish. As members of the eLearning community, this is an occasion to celebrate this medium of training as it:

Democratizes learning process

Democracy is synonymous with independence. The founding fathers of the United States wanted to establish a society, where all people enjoy equal rights. E-learning upholds this principle of equality because digital courses democratize the training process. The online medium can be utilized to provide the same learning to learners across the world – living in different countries, belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages.

Helps people who are deprived of the opportunity to learn

We fought for our independence because we were denied our rights. The American Revolution intended to help people, who were deprived of their opportunities. ELearning attempts to do the same – it helps learners, who were prevented access to training due to constraints of time and place. Online courses equip the disadvantaged learner with knowledge and skills and help them realize their dreams.

Makes learners happy

I am sure that the the heart of every American citizen was an ocean of happiness, when the United States won its independence breaking the shackles of tyranny and oppression. E-learning has imbibed the noble spirit of the freedom fighters, who wished the happiness and well-being of their fellow countrymen. The online medium helps transform learning into a happy intellectual exercise as digital courses, containing games, help acquire knowledge and skills in a lively and stress-free manner.

Allows us to choose our own destiny

We all resent someone else controlling our lives. The brave people, who fought for American independence believed that every man had a right to choose his own destiny. They stood for the rights of the individual. They would have been proud of eLearning because the online training format allows every learner to choose his own learning path – the learner can access the eLearning course whenever and wherever he wants. He is the master of his learning.

Online courses go a long way in upholding the ideals of our independence by democratizing learning and helping learners overcome the barriers of time, place and money. It makes learners happy and helps them chalk-out their own learning paths. Indeed, it is time to celebrate our independence day with eLearning!

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