Ways to Increase the Impact of Training

Ways to Increase the Impact of Training

Ways to Increase the Impact of Training

To evaluate the impact of training, there are two possible ways of measurement – one based upon financial measures (Return on Investment) while the other include qualitative measurement based on Return on Expectation. However, the ultimate objective remains the same – to generate greater benefits at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, it makes good business sense to know about the major ways to increase the impact of training.

In-depth analysis of the possible need of training

This is the first thing that has to be done when evaluating the need for a training solution. You will need to do an in-depth analysis as to what purpose the proposed training will serve. Is training really required? What are the key problems this training will solve? Who are the people who need training? The answers to all these questions will give a vivid picture of the actual training needs.

Choosing the right trainer

Once the purpose of the training is determined, it is important to select the correct delivery channel for training? Who are the people chosen to impart the training? Selecting an expert having an in-depth knowledge and expertise in conducting training sessions is very important. Selecting wrong people for the wrong purpose will prove detrimental to the very purpose of training.

Proper training ambience

The ambience is another important factor to consider. Proper infrastructure and the availability of proper materials to support the training process is required to increase the impact of training.

  • a) Peaceful learning environment: Be it classroom training or online training, a peaceful environment – free from disturbance will help the trainees to better concentrate on the subject matter.
  • b) Abundance of learning materials: Enables the trainees to gather the maximum possible knowledge and information by studying this material.

Thus, the proper ambience and adequate learning materials help trainees to gather knowledge and practice the same in a controlled environment.

Using an innovative mix

The use of various options such as webinars and videos enhance the learning experience for the trainees. In addition, adopting some interesting elements such as role plays, group discussions and demonstrations makes learning more attractive and easy to remember, thereby leading to a long-lasting impact in the minds of trainees.


Another important way of increasing the impact of training, where the trainers motivate the trainees is by supporting them and helping them in solving a particular problem. It is also important for a trainer to give the trainee adequate time to understand the context of training and to clear all their doubts by having a question and answer session.

Regular Evaluation

Having regular feedback and proper evaluation of training methods enables trainers and instructional designers to bridge knowledge gaps and deliver training in a better way next time. The results of these evaluations help in strengthening the training programs and offer better delivery in future.

I will be interested to learn your views on the subject. Do share your thoughts on the same.

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