How to Improve Motivational Levels in E-learning

How to Improve Motivational Levels in E-learning

How to Improve Motivational Levels in E-learning

Recently, we were working on a product training course. The course was about precision balances and topics included installation and repair and maintenance of the balance. There were around 12 topics in the course, out of which 5 topics were mandatory. The learners need to go through these topics to attain completion status. The raw inputs contained a lot of product videos and a one line explanation of each topic. It was a challenge to use these videos to teach and engage learners throughout the course.

So, let’s look at a few approaches we used to engage and motivate learners.

As the learners were service technicians, we used the character of a senior service technician to guide them through the course. The character adds life to the course and learners can easily relate to what is being taught. So, we used this character to set the stage for the learners. This character comes at the beginning of the course to introduce the topics and tell learners how important it is to complete the mandatory topics. These topics are distinguished from other topics with an exclamation symbol.

Exclamation symbol

Though the importance of the mandatory topics is told, the learners may notbe motivated to take these topics since only videos were used to explain the working of the product. So, to increase the motivational levels, we came up with another approach.

For each topic we framed 2 questions. Once the learner completes watching the videos, he is posedthose questions. Based on the response, the learner is provided feedback -A congratulatory message using the phrases ‘ExcellentWell-doneBingo’ if he is right. In case he is wrong, he gets messages such as ‘what’s your second guess or ‘Give it another try’ so that he is not demotivated. He scores 5 points for each right answer and on the completion of 5 mandatory topics he should score 50 points to win a badge. The character appears to congratulate the learner and guide him to the next mandatory topic.

Scores and points are ideal tools to motivate the learners, as they are challenged to winin order to enter the next level. This also makes the course engaging and effective.

Character introducing the topic

This approach greatly motivated the learners. We also included afinal quiz at the end of the course to cover all the topics.On successful completion of the course, he will be awarded with a certificate- an additional motivational factor.

Character congratulating the learner

To conclude, these are a few approaches we used to improve motivation levels of learners for a product training course.

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