Can eLearning Improve Hiring skills?

Can eLearning Improve Hiring skills?

Can eLearning Improve Hiring skills

In a book on Personnel Management, Edwin B. Flippo talks about hiring principles and skills.Let’s have a quick look at what he said:

1. Sourcing Skills: These skills are required to source right applicants for right job. You should be proficient in internal and external sourcing, based on the requirement. If you determine the most successful sources of employees, your hiring program can be more effective. This is a hard skill.

Now a days HR personnel becoming experts on various new techniques of sourcing which includes using of various job portals, sourcing through social media networking sites, Strategic tie up with reputed colleges. This is a technical skill.

2. Planning Skills: Better preparation and planning skills help you to achieve targeted results. Planning skills will also help you in focusing on important tasks, rather than focusing on urgent tasks. This skill is a hard skill thatis, a conceptual & technical skill.

3. Interviewing Skills: You should possess a liking and respect for people. You should have a good grip on two way communication, that is communicating effectively and listening attentively.Generally employment interviewing objectives are intangible that focus on character, social adjustment, attitude, oral expression, and capacity for growth and advancement of the applicant. Interviewing skill is soft skill.

4. Effective Closing and Evaluation Skills: As a hiring manager you should be capable of bringing the conversation smoothly to a close. You should also give some type of answer or indication of future action. Then you should evaluate the candidature by using rating sheet with the fresh mind. Finally, some decision must be reached concerning the applicant. This skill is a soft skill.

Above are some of the essential hiring skills that HR personnel should learn.

Out of these four skills two are hard skills and two are soft skills. eLearning is very good for teaching hard skills.

Sourcing skills can be taught through eLearning effectively by using ‘watch, try, Do’, screenshots and simulations. Planning skills also can be taught through eLearning effectively. You can explain planning process and various steps to be followed in planning process through eLearning.

However, for Interviewing skills and Evaluation skills you need a blend of face to face classroom training and eLearning to have an excellent learning experience. You need to learn actual concepts of these skills through eLearning, and after that you should have that actual skill development in a classroom session.

In both cases, eLearning can play a big role in improving hiring skills.

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