Importance of Videos in E-learning

Importance of Videos in E-learning

Importance of Videos in E-learning

In an era where information is power and this information can be accessed in the blink of eye where does eLearning stand in captivating its user’s attention? It is a well-known fact that eLearning is interactive in nature thus making it engaging in the process.

This can be enhanced a bit further by the use of videos in eLearning courses. Videos are informative and focus on visually elevating the content.

There are endless ways to use a video in any form of communication. Even in eLearning, they are an integral form of knowledge sharing and gathering; so let’s see the importance of videos in eLearning.

First and foremost, videos provide a great level of interaction; we all watch movies and sometime we are so engrossed in it that our emotions sway according to the story. This same effect can be created even in an eLearning course; videos tend to transcend our thoughts and imagination into a completely new dimension where we can do or become anything we feel. Similarly, when you see a video of a person talking, you are drawn to watch and listen. It gathers your attention while at the same time teaching you something new. Videos generate a sense of personalization and the learner instantly is able to connect to the content of the course. This very connection makes him or her continues and completes the course.

Now coming to why we need videos in an eLearning course, they are an indispensible asset; a video is shot once and can be used in a million other ways. A single video can be translated into other languages; the great thing about videos is that it has a cross-culture appeal and can have one or varied audiences at the same time. Post the gangnam-style sensation; videos are used extensively because of their viral nature.

In addition to these reasons, videos can be used as testimonials, welcome messages, process explanation and other countless ways. When you use a video in your course, remember to keep it short and simple. Any video, as a matter of fact, is meant to enhance and improve your course, the importance of videos today cannot be denied and when it comes to eLearning, video is an effective tool for dissemination of information; by adding video as a component in your course it becomes a source delivering course concepts as well as keeping your learner hooked to your course.

This is how important a video is in an eLearning course. Next time, we will look into factors that should be taken into consideration while using a video in an eLearning course. Here is an interesting and interactive video that picturize introduction of elearning.

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