Importance of Content Chunking for Effective eLearning Development

Importance of Content Chunking for Effective eLearning Development

Breaking long strings of information into bite sized absorbable pieces is known as chunking. When the long strings are broken into small chunks, it helps the learner to prioritize, organize and identify the core elements. Chunking is a technique course designers use to break information and then reorder the learning modules into chunks that make sense. This plays an important role while creating an eLearning course.

Helps understand easily

Chunking is important in online courses and especially in self-paced courses. eLearning designers can use chunking by organizing information progressively to help learners retain and recall information. When the content is made into bite-size modules, learners find it easy to understand it; they make fewer errors and process more information effectively. Chunks focus on one concept pertaining to a topic at one time. This helps learners to easily assimilate new information.

Reduces information overload

Introducing multiple topics at one go may not meet the learning objectives as it overloads the learners mind with too much information. Learners are confused with the data and find it hard to remember the information. If the content is properly chunked with adequate research on the subject matter, learners are less intimidated and more receptive to the knowledge. Information in chunks caters to the learner’s requirement and helps in attaining the learning objectives.

Aids in information retention and recall

Learners may miss important information and struggle to find specific information when the content is vast and voluminous. With proper mapping and information chunking, learners can access the required information quickly. Short paragraphs of no more than 3 to 4 sentences are small and manageable and help learners assimilate information effectively, understand concepts better and retain what has been learnt easily.

When information is given in small chunks, it enhances the working memory of the learners. It helps the learners to retain the skills or knowledge presented in the eLearning course for a longer period.

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  • As a voice-over and narration specialist, I find that short modules and chunking information into clear and organized lessons, even helps me to do my part in recording the modules. I’m more able to connect with the copy quickly, and that transfers into getting energized to connect with and inspire the listener.