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Effective Technician Training through E-learning

Written By Shanthi Priya Marla

Effective Technician Training through E-learning

A technician is someone who works in the shop floor and who is skillful in his relevant skills and procedures, with a comparatively applied understanding of the theoretical ideologies or principles. Therefore, teaching the content through onscreen, audio and visualization defines learning for the technician using technology.

So when this technician needs to update his skills or get trained, the training needs to be comprehensive and very practical and designed in a way that, once the course or learning is done, he/she should be able to apply this to his work effectively.

We need to keep the following points in mind when imparting training to the technician.

Knowledge: One has to be aware of the technician’s knowledge or in other words what the technician already knows about training/topic in discussion. Is this new training relevant to his work? Or will this new training help him/her in his work place or job? Will this training improve his/her productivity at work?

Comprehension: The training concepts should be made simple and presented in a very understandable way, which is effective. One has to keep in mind that the technician may or may not have computer skills.

For example, when a Welder needs an update on a new product, the presentation should be simple, with more audio, or audio-visuals and more photographs about the product and its features. In addition, it should comprise interactivities enabling him to learn about the product well. Effective use of audio narration benefits the technician with the content and makes it persuasive. It helps them to increase the attention of technicians and keeps them engaged for a prolonged period.

Effective Technician Training

Effective Technician Training

Application: This learning or training should be prepared in such a way that the skills learned should be put to use immediately and effectively on the job. The skill level and productivity of the technician can be improved by this training.

The benefits of this kind of technician training are enormous. This kind of training is cost-effective to both the organization and the technician. This training enables both the parties to save a lot of time and resources. This training can be given to one or many or all employees at the single shot. The technician can take the training at his convenient time and in the pace which is most comfortable for him. With such trainings, employees discuss or brainstorm the problems they might encounter or discuss scenarios of what to do best when anything wrong occurs at work, avoiding actual mistakes at the work place.

Effective Technician Training

Finally I would conclude saying, to accomplish a successful training for technicians we need to understand the learners, apply the right relevant strategies or approaches that can make the learning effective and interactive, thereby engaging the technician.

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