Creating an Immersive Learning Environment for Online Courses

Creating an Immersive Learning Environment for Online courses

Creating an Immersive Learning Environment for Online courses

……This is why we need immersive eLearning.

The term immersive learning environment can be described as creating an artificial or simulated environment that allows your learners to be immersed as though they are experiencing a real learning environment.

There are lots of ingredients that go together to make the perfect dish, and this applies for online courses. But, at the end of the day, the only thing that defines the success of an eLearning course is by answering this question. Are learners able to learn something and apply it in any given relevant situation?

In this post, we will explore the elements that will help you create an immersive learning environment that will be more than just Click Next!

Hook your learner with some drama. 

Here’s an example.

Hook your learner with some drama

Hook your learner with some drama

Starting with a problem-based scenario is bound to add some interest for your learners. Start your course with a ‘big bang’ to create the maximum learning impact. In this era of distraction, it’s hard to keep the learner engaged. Such interactions are best suited for introduction screens. Apart from drama, you can also use elements such as humor, storytelling and problem solving to keep your learners hooked!

Give them real looking environments.

Anything that is real will connect with your learners. Realistic and relevant settings can have a great impact on the learner’s psyche. For instance, if your online course is about engineering and automation, your course setup can resemble an automation factory. This creates a sense of belonging to your learner, imitating physical environments enhances learning experiences that in turn add a great recall value of the learning. For example you can recreate an automation workshop floor for an online course on automation safety or a tool. Take a look at how an automation floor was recreated for an immersive learning environment.

Give them real looking environments

Surrender total control to your learners.

Never ever restrict your learner. Making him dance to your tunes will only put him off, and we know that adults don’t like to be told what to do. Hence, whenever your online course has exploration, it is best to leave the control in your learners’ hands and let them learn on their own accord. The ability to control the learning environment allows learners to absorb and learn about all elements on the screen. Have a look at an example.

Surrender total control to your learners

Surrender total control to your learners

This screen shows more than one exploratory element. Yet, the learner is restricted to choose an element of the designer’s choice. Such instances kill the whole idea of exploring and learning.

An ideal explore and learn situation leaves the learner free to choose the element of his liking.

E-learning is moving to a new frontier with immersive learning. Emotional connections and realistic expectations are the order of the day. By making use of one of these immersive elements, your online course will not only have high instructional value but also an immersed learner.

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