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Instructor Led Training for the Salesforce – Benefits & Shortcomings

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Instructor Led Training for the Salesforce – Benefits & Shortcomings

Instructor-led training is any kind of learning that happens in a classroom setting. There could be one or more instructors who help learners acquire new skills or knowledge through lecturers, presentation and discussions.

The greatest benefit of classroom training is the human dynamics that it facilitates. Face-to-face interactions with the instructor and real-time discussions are powerful ways to learn. Having an expert answer questions instantly and validate learners’ understanding of the subject are key aspects of ILTs. Instructor-led training is most suitable for soft skills training such as communication skills or sales skills.

However, it does have its own limitations. Sales conferences or training programs are usually organized off-site. Coordinating and bringing sales people from different geographical regions to the conference is an expensive affair, not to speak of the opportunity loss when the sales people are off the field.

Sales managers tend to jam all of the year’s learning into this one single event. Too much content is overwhelming to anybody. It is said that almost 60 to 90 percent of the skills that are acquired by salespeople during a training program are lost by the end of 30 days. Also, training is largely dependent on the personality of the instructor and his capability in holding the audience’s attention. Hence, there is likely to be no consistency in the quality of the training program.

There is usually no reinforcement strategy wherein the sales people have a refresher course or review program on what has been taught during the instructor-led training program. One way to make up for the shortcomings of an instructor-led training program is to supplement it with online training or eLearning and making it available on-demand for sales people.

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