Ideas to Present Scenarios in E-learning

Ideas to Present Scenarios in E-learning

Ideas to Present Scenarios in E-learning

In my previous blog, I gave a few tips to create effective scenarios in eLearning. In this blog, I will share a few simple ideas to present scenarios in eLearning.

For an effective scenario, the question and its options are vital, and how you present it makes an impact in the learners’ eye. Based on the topic/scenario, you will have to give options to choose from, add relevant graphics, give additional information, etc.

This helps the learners understand the situation better and increases the interest levels of the learners.

Ideas to Present Scenarios

Characters: Give the scenario and add all the characters involved in that scenario. The characters will add color to the screen and make the course interesting!


This style is suitable for almost any type of scenario.

Role play: Instead of showing a series of callouts in animation, make the scenario interactive by instructing the learners to click each character to reveal its dialogue, and then at the end of the conversation display the question and its options.

This is apt for listening tests where the learners can listen to a conversation ONLY once.


 Interesting Options: Why do we always keep the options very simple (text) and why do we give too much time for the learner to complete the activity? Make the options more interesting; replace the text with images. Restrict the time for completing the activity; give a timer!

This is appropriate for situations where the options are totally different from each other and there is no need to have text to explain the images and the user has to make decisions on time.

Interesting options

Process: Give a situation and the steps. Instruct the learners to arrange the steps in an order to complete the task.

This will fit situations where the learners have to follow a certain process in their job-role; they might have to skip a few steps or perform them in a different order to do their job.


Categorize: Scatter different items in a screen and give a few baskets with labels. Instruct the learners to drag and drop the items into the respective boxes based on the situation.

This is suitable for situations where the learners have to categorize the files/documents as confidential/top secret OR the learners have to analyze a situation and decide if they have to approve/reject the file OR the learners have to decide to whom they have to forward the file.


 These were a few ideas on how to present the scenarios. Do add value to my blog by sharing your ideas on the same.

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