How Can You Use Humanoid Characters in Online Courses?

How Can You Use Humanoid Characters in Online Courses?

How Can You Use Humanoid Characters in Online Courses?

Remember the zoo-zoos in Vodafone advertisements? They are very cute. Aren’t they? So, how about using them in your online course? These “humanoid creatures” can be very useful when you design digital learning modules. Let me share more why you need to use these characters in your eLearning courses.

Go a long way in making courses culture-neutral


The demand for culture-neutral online courses is on the rise, thanks to the increasing needs of companies to provide training to global workforces. Humanoid images play a key role in making a course culture-neutral. These images do not depict particular race, gender or ethnicity. Thus, you can use these characters to make your course culture-agonistic.

Abstract concepts can be better illustrated


Sometimes, it is hard to get the right images to depict abstract concepts or contradictions. Humanoid images come in very handy in such situations. For instance, using a “real human” to depict a victim of an accident who has broken his leg and yet laughing heartily might seem unrealistic. But you have no such problems with humanoids.

Editing these images is less cumbersome


It is easier to edit humanoid images than edit photographs. It takes only a few minutes to edit these characters. It is very simple to change the color of these images. For instance in a group of zoo zoos, the eyes of a humanoid can be colored green to indicate that the “person” is envious. You can also change the background of the image with very little effort.

Wide availability


Many artists are creating humanoid images and as a result there are plenty of these characters to choose from. Most of these artists create an entire set of images with the same style and as a result a series of images of the same character can be found. You can also get animated humanoid images at very affordable prices at

Humanoid characters are very useful in designing culture-neutral courses. They are ideal for depicting contradiction and certain abstract scenarios. It is simple to modify these images and are available in plenty. These benefits have made these funny looking creatures an integral part of digital learning modules. What do you think?

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