How to Start E-learning in Your Organization? [Webinar]

How to Start E-learning in Your Organization? [Webinar]

How to Start E-learning in Your Organization? [Webinar]

E-learning has altered the way organizations provide training to their employees. The reason behind this paradigm shift from traditional training to online training is because the latter is more flexible, easily accessible, cost effective and time saving. Many organizations have unearthed the true benefits e-learning offers and are using it to effectively train their employees and boost the productivity.

According to The Value of Training- IBM Report eLearning can help companies boost productivity by 50%. Every $1 spent in eLearning results in $30 of productivity.

How exactly can you implement e-learning to train the employees in your organization? Before diving in you need to consider a few factors such as analyzing the need for e-learning, examining your learner’s readiness, evaluating the infrastructure requirements, accessing the content readiness and deciding on the implementation strategy.

Want to know more about why and how you should implement e-learning in your organization? Eager to know the above mentioned criteria in detail? Check out the webinar Implement e-learning in your organization which covers the following

  • Why e-learning?
  • E-learning in corporate sector
  • Restraining forces for e-learning adaption
  • Considerations for implementing e-learning

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