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Where Are Organizations Spending their Training Dollar This Year? – A Survey Report

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Where Are Organizations Spending their Training Dollar This Year?  - A Survey Report

Learning today is no more a one-time activity; it has become a constant need for employees in the corporate sector to update or brush up their skills because of the constant changes in the business world.

But with traditional training methods, organizations have to spend most of their training budgets on transporting, accommodating trainees and conducting training programs.

All these challenges with traditional training methods are triggering organizations to look for innovative ways to train their employees at reduced costs and in a quick span of time. In other words, they are more interested in offering blended learning solutions where learning program has more than one mode of delivering instructions/methods.

At the same time, organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on their channel partners and customers for their business functions. So training them along with the internal employees has also become a focus point to improve their overall performance.

So to ensure that right people have the right skills and knowledge to meet organizational goals, stakeholders involved in training are carefully planning as to how to spend their training dollars this year? Which training methods should they count on to train their workforce? What trainings are to be covered to ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI)?

To learn answers to these questions, download a survey report that shares training plans of organizations for the year more specifically in terms of areas and audience and training imparting methodologies that they want to focus on.

View Survey Report On Where Are You Spending Your Training Dollar This Year?

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