How to Present Learning Objectives Differently?

How to Present Learning Objectives Differently?

Learning objectives are the heart of any eLearning course, as they communicate to the learners what they are going to learn and what they will be able to do after completing the course. Learning objectives answer the ‘What’s In It For Me’ question and set the learners and course on the right track.

The learning objectives screen is the most powerful element in any eLearning course. We tend to present them in a bulleted list, which is generally ineffective. But, how effectively you present them can motivate or de-motivate the learners. Today, I will share a few different and interesting ways to present the learning objectives.

Add an image for each learning objective

Instead of a simple bulleted list, you can add appropriate images for each objective. Make sure that the images are related to the job of the learner, as this helps to connect him to the course.

Add an image for each learning objective

Ask questions instead of stating the learning objectives:

If you straight away state the learning objectives, you may not catch the learners’ curiosity to a great extent. Instead, if you ask them questions and make them think about the answers, they get engaged to a deeper level. For example, if the learning objectives are to:

  • Define performance management
  • Explain your role in performance management
  • Explain the key elements of performance management

You can change them into questions as shown:

Ask question instead of stating learning objective

This will make the learners think about the answers, and they will be more interested to take the course.

Present a challenge before stating the learning objectives:

The adult learning theory states that adults enter into a learning experience with a problem-centered orientation to learning. You can present a challenge that the learners usually face in their job. This will motivate them to learn and solve their job related problems easily.

Present a challenge before stating a learning objective

These are a few methods that you can use to present the learning objectives to promote learners’ attention towards the course. Hope they were interesting; do share your ideas to add-on to the list!

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