How to Make Your E-learning Initiative Work

How to Make Your E-learning Initiative Work

With the advent of technology-aided learning or online learning, learners are able to take up courses at their own pace and comfort. Technology-aided learning has greatly influenced the corporate sector, and organizations are using this medium to impart effective training. But, the concern for eLearning developers is that how long would this eLearning initiative last and continue to leave its impact in the area of training and on organizations.

Here are a few tips that could make your eLearning initiative work:

Start with a business case: 

For your eLearning initiative to be successful, start with a business case. Planning a business case allows eLearning project managers to decide on the design, development and evaluation of the eLearning project. It also helps define the parameters and management factors associated with the project. During this stage, address the needs of the organization and outline how eLearning can meet these needs. This way, your eLearning program would be a great success and your efforts would never go in vain.

Have SME design the content: 

The content is the core requirement of any eLearning course. As an instructional designer, you might have many ideas on how to present the content and facilitate learning. But, do not forget that your learners would never take up the course if they don’t find the content to be relevant to their training needs. For this, you need to have your SME work with you and provide you the needed information on the content to develop an effective eLearning course.

Use optimal instruction design:

It is widely accepted that good instructional design can make the training program successful. A good instructional designer can contribute to the success of eLearning, by actively involving learners in the online course. Incorporating high quality interactions in the digital course is likely engage learners and make them take up the course with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Select the right LMS to deploy the course: 

Choosing the right technology to deploy your online course is one of the critical factors of your eLearning initiative. The Learning Management System (LMS) could be the appropriate solution to this concern. An LMS can do much more than just deploy the course. It helps manage and track the employee’s performance, maintain the record of success and identify the learning progress of the employees.

These factors, if included in your eLearning program, can make your eLearning initiative a great success.

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