How to Incorporate Storytelling in Your E-Learning

How to Incorporate Storytelling in Your E-Learning

How to Incorporate Storytelling in Your E-Learning

Everyone, from children to adults, must have gone through a fascinating experience through stories. Storytelling is an engaging and effective means to impart knowledge to learners. They help retain information for a long time.
If you are planning to incorporate storytelling in your e-Learning course, then here are a few tips that help use the instructional methodology effectively.

Make it Relevant
Storytelling in e-Learning helps connect learners emotionally with courses. Using characters that are relevant and familiar to the learner helps him relate to the content easily. Appropriate use of characters in the story would help achieve its objective effectively.

Use More Visuals
Rather than ‘dumping’ paragraphs of content, it is better to use visuals extensively. They help grab the learner’s attention and let him take the key elements of the story. For example, avatars or animated visuals can be used to make the story engaging and effective.

Keep it Short
A learner may get distracted or bored if the story is too long. So, it is essential to present the intended message to the learner in a crisp and simple way.

Convey the Key Message
The main objective of incorporating stories in eLearning is to educate learners in an engaging and entertaining manner. They keep them motivated and help them take up courses with interest. While including ‘fun elements’ into an online course, one must make sure that the key message or objective of the story is not lost. The characters, visuals and narration must reflect to the main objective of the story.

Connect to a Problem
It is a good idea to depict the challenges faced by the target audience in your story and provide solutions to these issues. For example, in a process training course, you can incorporate a story which deals with the challenges faced by the organization and explain how the process has helped resolve it.

Storytelling adds life to your eLearning course. Hope you find this blog informative. Pleased do share if you have anything to add to this list.

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