Gamify Your E-learning Course: 4 Things to Consider

Gamify Your E-learning Course: 4 Things to Consider

Gamify Your E-learning Course: 4 Things to Consider

An increasing number of companies are using gamified eLearning courses to impart top-notch training to their staff members. According to a report by Gartner, by 2015, 50% of organizations managing innovation processes will gamify aspects of their business. But, how can you create an effective gamified e-learning course? What are the aspects you need to consider? Let us see.

1. Visually-rich backgrounds: The use of a visually-rich background goes a long way in making a good gamified online course. This is because attractive backgrounds create interest in learners to take up the online learning course. Here is the screenshot of an impressive background, used in an e-learning course on food safety.

Visually rich backgrounds

2. Images of people or characters: You need to decide on the use of characters or “real” images depending on the type of the game, used in your eLearning course. Including these elements helps explain the learning content better, as they “inject life” into the e-learning course and help your learners connect themselves with it.

Images of peoples or characters

3. Scores: Scores and points are ideal tools to motivate your learners. You can award points to learners when they perform well in assessments and penalize them when they go wrong. This motivates them to focus well and win points because it creates a sense of accomplishment.


4. Feedback: You need to provide proper feedback to the learner. The feedback must contain a congratulatory message when he gets a question right. You can include words such as Excellent, Well-done, Bingo On the other hand, when he answers a question wrong, you need to see that he does not get de-motivated by using words such as what’s your second guess? Or Give it another try.


Thus, by including these 4 elements in your online training course, you can develop a highly engaging gamified eLearning course. What do you think?

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