What are the Top 5 Qualities to Become a Millionaire?

What are the Top 5 Qualities to Become a Millionaire?

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  • Amey Nerkar

    All the above are wrong.
    Just be selfish and you will surely become a millionaire. This is the best quality of rich people. Be selfish and show that you are humble.

  • The secret to my success. Love what you are doing, help others get there by teaching duplication to them, learn to think and quit worrying over the “How To’s”.
    The universe is truly abundant.
    Learn to fall forward instead backword.
    “Do or do not… there is no try.” Yoda

    Kathy J. Marshall

  • Thomas

    You need a million of something to be a millionaire. 🙂

  • Marcel P

    If I knew, I would not tell.

    But consider this:
    – having the news of tomorrow
    – having a strong imagination, remember “imagination is more powerful then knowledge”
    Knowledge help you see and understand things as they are, imagination allows you to see things as they could be.
    – challenge your assumption
    – “some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask, why not”
    – “be greedy when others are fearful be fearful when others are greedy”

  • Joel

    Thomas is practically correct.

  • Monty Burns

    @Joel & @Thomas – Agreed.

  • Know rich people, if you hang out with millionairs, you will become one just by knowing the right people.

  • Never, never give up is the most important. You have to experience failure (many times) before you achive success.

  • As a venture capitalist for 25 years, successful entrepreneurs have three key qualities: high numerical IQ (they understand the numbers of their businesses and can do more than just talk about it), a shrewdness and cunning that manifests itself in a tight focus on costs, and finally the ability to focus on a market-driven business and enthuse others to work with them.

  • Scott

    The thing that I have concluded after personalty interview several Multi Millionaires is that they where just at the right place at the right time. And that they where ready when an opportunity arose. Also most millionaires that I have met were not that happy: more money you have, the more things you acquire, the more complicated things get = more problems. So, just do what you enjoy doing and do it will all your might!!!!

  • Being a millionaire doesn’t require a college degree. All you need is the attitude. Approach, confidence, hardworking and faith.

  • Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate your inputs on our blog!

    Personally to me I think the most important onces are:

    1. Dream Big! – Everything starts with a dream
    2. Set your Goals – Once your brain knows what exactly you want it, it will chase it
    3. Action: Take Massive actions towards making your dream into reality.

    All the best with your dreams.


    Twitter account: @ayesha_commlab

  • Manoj Mishra

    CAP. 1. The Power to grap oppertunity, opertunities are always with us and we’ve to recognize.
    CAP. 2. Hard work with smart thinking….there is no short cut.
    CAP. 3. Be honest with your job…give your 100 %

    CAP 1. Today…….Right Now
    CAP 2. 8 – 9 Hr. for next 10 Years
    CAP 3. 24×7 ….Life time

  • Thank you Manoj

    Very nicely put! 🙂

  • Mesbahi Aymen

    you forgot the chance who plays a large role

  • Mesbahi

    Thank you for your comment. I think the harder you work, the luckier you become.

  • sinarth

    Wow… all are great ideas. I really appreciate these so much!

  • Jim

    If the Quality:

    “Read books, audio tapes and attend seminars”

    had a higher ranking, do you think that the order of qualities would be different? (And some of the comments!)

  • I believe that you need to dream big in order to live big because a lot of what stops people from being successful is their own thought patterns. Doubt and fear, for sure, are part of what gets in the way. So, you can’t fear failure…you must just be so driven and passionate about what you’re doing and never give up, to reach your goals. Either way, you can’t stand in the way of your success if you’re busy dreaming of success and ways to be successful. It helps you to plan ahead and know how things can work out, step by step, if you’ve dreamed .. and that’s why I also say that listing and writing down goals help people become millionaires. You have to have a plan! You need to have vision! When you see it in front of you and have it in the forefront of your mind, it starts to happen. You gain perspective, as well.
    Attending seminars is always important because you need different points of view as well as you have a need to network, the need to be led in order to become a leader and a need to have a constant deposit into your mental/emotional/spiritual reservoir/bank. Reading and being around positive people and thought/education/knowledge-driven environments always contributes to success and keeping you on the right path to make millions.



  • Christina

    Thanks for sharing your views!

  • Big is definitely an aspect of becoming a millionaire, but never underestimate the details in the smalls things you do!

  • ajay


    waiting for your reply.

  • I think the number one quality that a person needs is the ability to take action and follow through to their goal attainment.

  • ridwanzero

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  • Everyone has similar views about the Millionaires that they live prosperous lives. They live in luxurious homes, suites etc and travel in expensive cars. They do everything they want purchase anything. The thinking is right up to some extent but not completely. Millionaires also live like common persons, they shop in local town stores and eat food in same restaurants with you. But you never judge. You can also adopt following 5 points which can place you on the path to Financial riches.

  • Jerry Waidner

    WAKE UP! Everyone here except Amey is mistaking “success” for being a millionaire. WRONG! All it takes to become a millionaire is to love money more than anything else, and the rest will come. Now, I’m not speaking about trust babies, The Ford family or the Kresges. I’m talking about the guy or gal that makes the moola on their own. It’s just a love of money, guys, and it’s the wrong subject for a topic on this site. Millionaires will become so regardless of the rest of us, and we will never make it because money is not our God. Let’s talk about personal satisfaction, making a difference, or anything else that won’t keep us from getting into nirvana when we die.

    This is not to say that you won’t become a millionaire in the process of seeking to make a difference or any of the other highminded motives related to above. But talking about it reveals the true motive, and it’s the root of all evil. (The love of money)

  • Jerry Waidner

    Money is such a cheezy goal. If you get a wish from a genie, ask for bliss, not money. He can’t screw you up with that one.

  • Madhu

    What you wrote in the above is 100% I like it…Thank you for your good suggestions.

    Thanks & Regards

  • I totally agree with the ideas here, they are very true. My opinio non it… : depressed over money? find out how to become millionaire