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How to Get Reluctant Employees to Take to E-learning?

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How to Get Reluctant Employees to Take to E-learning?

Any change could be met with resistance if not managed well. The same is true when new methods of training such as eLearning are introduced in an organization. Many feel that the only training that works for them is classroom training and do not understand or appreciate the merits of eLearning. So, how do you get such reluctant employees to take to eLearning? How can you make your eLearning initiatives a success?

View and download this presentation on “Motivating Your Employees to Take up E-learning” and learn how to overcome the hurdles of eLearning implementation and adoption in your organization. This presentation gives insights into why a concrete marketing plan is necessary to introduce eLearning within the organization. It also provides ideas and tips on how to develop a strategy to motivate employees to accept eLearning as a viable form of training.

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