3 Tips to Deliver Effective Healthcare Training through E-learning

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3 Tips to Deliver Effective Healthcare Training through E-learning

E-learning is a cost-effective and an easy way to train employees, when compared to the traditional methods of teaching. So, most of the organizationsare using eLearning to fulfill their training needs. The healthcare industry makes extensive use of the online training medium.

As instructional designers, it is essential to make courses that meet the client’s requirements. When concentrating on such aspects, there is a possibility that we may forget to think from the learner’s perspective. Recently, a reputed healthcare organization has approached us to develop an online training curriculum.The client wanted highly engaging eLearning courses. It also wanted everything from the inputsprovided to be shown in the course.

Here are a few things that we have considered for developing those courses, by keeping in mind the learners as well as meeting the client’s requirements.

1. Proper Visualization

If you design a course for healthcare professionals but use the images of sales executives, it would be a mismatch.Right?So, it is essential to choose the images that suit the target audience and they can easily connect with. The other important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the graphics for your slides is that they need to convey the information effectively and are not used as decorative pieces.

Proper Visualization

2. Appropriate Use of Interactivities

Interactivities definitely make the look and feel of the course better, but it is essential that they are used only when necessary. They are not to be just used to click and read the content. It is very essential to analyze the content and decide which interactivity would suit it the best.

For example, have a look at the following screen shots where three different interactivities are used to show the content. In the first image, hotspots are used to show the drug actions on different parts of the body. The second image is of a slide show which was used to represent a sequence of information in a single slide. The third interactivity, click-on-tabs, is used to teach four sub-topics.

Appropriate Use of Interactivities

3. Use of Info-graphics

Info-graphics are used very often in eLearning courses. They are the best tools to communicate information at a glance.They help the learner retain the information for a longer period. They are ideal to show large amounts of data at a time.

Have a look at the following info-graphics that were used to show different data in the course.

Use of Info-graphics

When choosing images, interactivities or info-graphics for your eLearning course, it is important that they are used to convey something but not just to engage the learner. I hope you find this blog informative. Please do share your views on it.

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